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12 Apr
Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership

When:Thursday 12 April, 2018 Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm Where: at Network SA in the Aboriginal Resource Centre Room at 77 Gibson Street, Bowden Cost: Members $300 + GST
Non Members $400 + GST
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Presented by: Peter Dhu

This workshop aims to provide managers and leaders with the knowledge and understanding around the sources of fear and strategies for you to be more courageous as leaders and managers.

According to Harvard Business Review – HBR, courage in leadership is a very important skill, but one that is often missing in our leaders. Fortunately courage is a skill and a leadership trait that can be taught.

Expected Learning Outcomes
After this workshop you will be better equipped to:-
- Identify areas for further development and growth
- Put actions in place to extend and move you towards your goals
- Identify rules and affirmations
- Identify areas in your life to take more responsibility
- Establish who you need to help you develop a more courageous team
- Understand the sources and triggers of fear as managers and leaders
- Develop strategies to help deal with the fear and be more courageous in your leadership
- How To Develop Courage In Your Leadership
- Making Courageous Decisions
- The Courage Calculation For Decision Making
- Dealing with fear and being a more courageous leader
- Reframe Your Goals
- Get In The Habit Of Being Courageous
- The Introvert Leader

As leadership attributes go, courage is one of the big ones. It comes from facing and overcoming fear and being courageous in the face of uncertainty. Many people lack the courage to break free from the fear that is holding them back from reaching their full potential as a leader. To be a courageous leader, you need to make the unpopular decisions, challenge the status quo, have difficult conversations, be honest and take the calculated risks that others won’t.

Peter Dhu

About Peter Dhu

Peter Dhu is a person who has stuttered all his life. As a teenager and young adult he struggled to speak and was ridiculed, teased and treated unfairly by his employer. He survived his high school and university years by being an elective mute, writing down on paper every request, every communication, so that he would not face the humiliation, embarrassment and shame of stuttering. His first job saw him placed in the basement with no client contact and strict instructions not to answer the telephone. Over 5 years he trained many new graduates, only to see them leapfrog over him to get senior positions and promotions. When he confronted his boss, he was told to be grateful for the job he had and because his communication skills were so bad, don’t expect to be promoted and “Please Stop Applying for Senior Jobs”.

Since that time Peter has devoted time and effort, sweat and tears, encounting highs and lows to overcome his stutter and learn to speak fluently. He has pushed his boundaries, faced his disability and his fear to take on public speaking at every opportunity. Peter is now one of WA’s most motivational speakers with an inspirational message of overcoming adversity and his greatest fear to achieve personal and career success.

Along the way Peter has spent over 20 years supporting, helping and training other people who have speaking and communication difficulties. He has served as President of the Australian Speak Easy Association for 5 years and has served as President of the Speak Easy Association WA for 7 years.

Peter’s mission in life and his passion is to help people find their voice so that they can effectively and eloquently get their message and their point of view across to others.

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